What’s The Matter?

‘The choreography succeeds in achieving that elusive thing: distilling an aspect of human experience that can’t be verbalised.’ Rachel Donnelly Irish Theatre Magazine

Creating a changeable atmosphere, What’s The Matter? echo’s the unanswered questions pertaining to our existence in the universe. The performer moves through forms of energy, relating constantly unresolved movements to the mystery of the cosmos. The piece is 40minutes in length performed by Anna Karabela. 

Produced by | DISH Dance/The Firkin Crane

Choreography | Aoife McAtamney created with Anna Karabela

Performance | Anna Karabela

Lighting Design | Tim Feehily

What’s The Matter? premiered in September 2013 at the Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork and went on to perform at Dublin Fringe Festival at Project Arts Centre as a DOUBLE BILL with choreographer Keren Rosenberg. DIVE is a 20minute solo danced by Dor Mamalia.

What’s The Matter? is co-produced by the Firkin Crane and supported by CSC Bassano del Grappa, Dublin City Council, DanceIreland and Dublin Fringe Festival’s FRINGE LAB.


Filming | Luis Diaz

Music | Gayane Ballet Suit (Adagio) Rezhdestvensk

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