Sweetheart that’s the interesting part…


Sweetheart that’s the interesting part… is a 5 hour instillation which was created over a two year period beginning in 2007. The piece was created with dancers Samuel Denton, Ilan Kav, Juan Corres Benito, Gabor Halasz, Nahimana Vandenbussche, Malgorzata Cazjowska, Noemie Ettlin and Hoang Viet Nguyen. The piece premiered in the Pavillon Noir Aix-en-Provence in 2009.

It is a durational piece with every hour dedicated to the five stages of grief. The audience are free to stay as long as they choose. This performance took place in double studio of the Pavillon Noir and during the 5-hours, we danced until the natural daylight faded to night.

The duet ‘Derfer the Gief/Diminish the Gift’ is performed by Aoife McAtamney and Noemie Ettlin. It is a 7minute extract from Sweetheart that’s the interesting part… and has been performed in the Ballet de Marseille, Teatro Due Parma and the Pavillon Noir, Aix-en-Provence.

Choreography | Aoife McAtamney with performers

Music | Gabor Halasz

Video | Giacomo Corvaia

This work was supported by D.A.N.C.E Across Europe Programme and the Pavillon Noir. 

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