Softer Swells

 ‘The combination of McAtamney’s beautifully soft Celtic voice and her awkward, contorted movements was utterly spellbinding’

‘The dancer’s unsexualised but energetic, strong movements says more about natural femininity, unfettered by male projection’ THE SKINNY. 

Softer Swells is a dance, disjointed both in structure and content. It illustrates a landscape of rapidly shifting memories. The roots of the work incorporate Irish cultural references pertaining to gender and sexual attitudes. These references are identifiable throughout the soundscape and choreography of the performance. The work was developed within the DanceIreland Associate Artist Programme 2012 with members of DISH Dance and will be touring throughout 2014 as part of Aerowaves.

The piece can be performed in a theatre or an outdoor space, during daylight.

Softer Swells is supported by DanceIreland, the Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council, Dublin Fringe Festival, Culture Ireland and DISH Dance.

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