‘The real strength of the piece…lies in McAtamney and Vallon themselves, performers who don’t shy from approaching the outlandish in the effort to access something meaningful.’ Rachel Donnelly Dublin Dance Festival BLOG

Welcome to the world of Peggy & Peggy. Guessing games, intriguing situations and a healthy dose of irony are served up in this road movie-inspired performance. Egg Charade confronts some of the difficulties and pressures young women can face when deciding whether to have a baby. Intimate and revealing, this duet combines lightness and intense physical effort with a wry sense of humour. 

Contains nudity (and bowling).

Concept|choreography|performance by | Aoife McAtamney and Nina Vallon

Technical direction/Light/sound design | Niels Lanz

Producer | Richard Wakely

Documentation | Anatoli Nat Skatchkov, Ragunath V and Luis Diaz

Dramaturgical advisor | Mareike Uhl

Production assistants | Orla Shine and Judith Köneke

Flyer and poster design | Anatoli Nat Skatchkov and Nina Vallon

Short films by | Terry O’Leary, Anatoli Nat Skatchkov and Niels Lanz

Teaser | Nina Vallon

This work was produced by Richard Wakely and was a co-production with ROUGH CUTS, Frankfurt, the Goethe Institute, Dublin, Culture Ireland,DanceIrelandZ Zentrum, Frankfurt and the Arts Council of Ireland.

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